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In today’s world we are all aware of the benefits of eating a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet, but do we stop to think about what healthy kitchen gadgets are out there to make this process in to healthier eating easier and less time consuming. We have researched and reviewed some of the best healthy kitchen gadgets on the market today and below are just some that you simply should have in your kitchen in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.Starting with Juicers, now, if like me you find it hard to consume your five fruits and vegetables in a day then a juicer really is a must have product. Not only is a freshly made juice drink one of the best nutritional and vitamin enhanced things you could put in to your body, juicers of today can also do many other things. You will need to think about what type of juicer will fit your needs. The most popular juicer is a centrifugal juicer, which can juice fruit and vegetables at high speeds, with spinning blades that shred, and are very quick to produce your drink, and clean up. Or the masticating juicer which is a slower process of chewing the fruits and vegetables, but the best type of juicer if you are wanting to juice greens and grasses, like wheatgrass, which has an extremely high nutritional and vitamin content, and lots of benefits if consumed daily to your overall health.Slow cookers or crock pots are a great way of giving your family a healthy meal, as they cook the ingredients over a long period of time using moist heat, without the need for oils. What I love about a slow cooker is you can throw your ingredients in first thing in the morning, leave it on and have a healthy meal ready for your evening meal. They also use less electricity than a conventional oven, and you can usually get away with cheaper cuts of meat, because of the long slow cooking process, which in the long run gives you a saving in your pocket!Popcorn poppers, now who would of thought that popcorn could be healthy? Popcorn is a filling healthy snack on its own, it’s just that many people tend cook popcorn unhealthily, or smoother them in high calorie butters or sauces. Popcorn poppers are the healthiest way to cook your popcorn as they use hot air to expand the popcorn and nothing else. To then keep your popcorn healthy you need to think of some healthy alternatives to sweeten or sour your popcorn, try adding fresh fruit mixed in with your popcorn, or garlic and spices, the list goes on and you can have fun experimenting.Toaster Ovens have become increasingly popular, as they sit on your counter top and depending on your model you can cook anything from toast to whole chickens. The beauty of a toaster oven is that they warm up very quickly, and use less electricity than a conventional oven. So in your quest for healthier eating you are more likely to turn one of these on than get out the fryer for a quick and easy meal.Bread making machines are popular and a healthier way to eat bread than store bought bread. The great thing with bread making machines is you put all the ingredients in and the machine does the rest, from needing the dough to cooking the perfect loaf. The best thing about baking your own bread though is you control what goes in to it, so no nasty additives going in to your body, giving you a much healthier option.There are so many more products out there from Yoghurt makers to Egg poachers to aid you in your quest for healthier cooking, but before you go out and spend your hard earned money, I suggest making a food diary for a week of what types of foods you eat, how you prepare them and what else do you want to include in your diet, then think about what healthy kitchen gadgets will fit with your lifestyle and your needs.

The Great Gadget Show Of 30th Birthday Ideas |

To truly astound your friends with 30th birthday ideas, explore the world of gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets.Managing your health has never been easier than with the advent of a WiFi enabled scale. It automatically assesses your BMI. You share its use with someone else, with no problem. You can each enter a password to create your own accounts. Another great gift to promote healthy living is the Nutrition Label Scale. Use it to weigh your food, and see it accurately broken down into calories and the key nutritional components.For the person who simply cannot do without his or her cell phone, and that includes most people these days, buy a tiny bit of insurance, in the form of the mIQ Mobile Backup. It can hold up to 1GB of data or media.There are devices that effortlessly keep you on the right roads. Instead of buying a yearly street planner, treat someone to GPS technology that updates itself.Since the digital revolution, the number of gadgets created to manage a person’s connectivity has multiplied. For example, iBend can be used to mount an iPod or iPhone for hands-free use. Split stick lets you keep your work data and your private media separate, but on the same device. To create sound without the use of regular speakers you have at least two options. Gorilla mobile works through your cell phone, while K-box, if activated, enables you to turn any solid surface into a speaker. Magneat untangles earphone cords, while cable monkey holds all your electronic cables together.A great gadget for guys who fancy themselves following in the footsteps of James Bond, is a pair of cufflinks that can also be used for lighting cigarettes, although, presumably not while wearing them. If you have ever wanted a tripod you could fit into your pocket, try DigiDude. For the serious golf player, there is Radar, which uses Doppler radar to help perfect their golf swing. For the person who wants both hands free at his barbeque, the beer holster would come in handy.Enthusiasts of horror media might love the zombie doll that you can take apart, or a range of soft toys that look like flattened road kill. They might giggle at the voodoo doll that doubles as a toothpick holder or want to have some garlic mints handy to keep the vampires at bay.Can you imagine emerging from the shower smelling of bacon? Not quite the scent you would normally associate with soap, but in the weird and wacky world of novelty gifts, anything is possible for your 30th birthday ideas.