Self Defense Gadgets for Women |

There’s no question that women should learn self-defense nowadays. For women, it’s the sad truth that they are often targeted by robbers, murderers, rapists and the likes. This is because women are perceived to be weaker by these criminals. It’s easy to see why this is the case. After all, women are generally smaller and shorter. This is why as a woman; you’re always at a disadvantage. Well, it’s time to take back that advantage.It’s a good idea to take self-defense classes in order to learn how to defend yourself. But why stop there? Why not check out the different self-defense gadgets for women and buy something that can help you defend yourself better? You have no shortage of choices but these are some of the best ones:· Stun gunsRemember, all you need to do is to incapacitate your attacker so you can run away from him. There’s no better way to do this than by stunning him with hundreds (even millions) of volts of electricity. There are several options for you when it comes to stun guns. Although, it’s a good idea to buy something that you can easily hide like a lipstick or mobile phone stun gun.· Pepper spraysDo you want to see a 6’2″, 300 pound man drop to his knees with tears flowing down his face? If that’s the case, a pepper spray is for you. For best effect, spray it directly on his face and watch his eyes slam shut. He’ll feel a burning sensation all over his face and he’ll have difficulties breathing. The effects will generally last 30 minutes and that will give you more than enough time to run away and ask for help from the police.· Personal alarmsThis is one of the most underrated self-defense gadgets for women. Most of the time, you just need to call the attention of people around the vicinity. Shouting for help works, but using a personal alarm that emits a high-pitched shriek that can be heard 1/4 mile away is even better. This is useful if your assailant covers your mouth with his hand. The high-pitched shriek will surely lead to your assailant panicking and there’s a good chance that he’ll just run away from the scene.· Security camerasThese days, it’s hard for a woman to feel safe at home especially if she’s alone a lot of times. In addition to having the self-defense gadgets above, it’s also idea to install security cameras at home.With these self-defense gadgets, you can avoid being a victim. You can finally have peace of mind.