Interesting Gadget Gifts For A Geek |

Every year new gadgets enter the market which quickly develop a must have reputation. If you are searching for the perfect gadget gifts for a geek, the following suggestions should hit the mark perfectly.To start with, there are the products created and manufactured by every geek’s favorite company – Apple. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad should be part of everyone’s personal collection. Though the iPod and iPhone have been around for a number of years, the latest incarnations are still market leaders. IPods and iPhones have become immensely popular consumer items.The iPad is one of the hottest gadgets currently available. Already, this personal communication and entertainment device has revolutionized the IT industry. Though there are other manufactures of slate PCs, the Apple iPad has become a big seller. The second generation iPad is already in production and will soon be hitting the shelves. If you want to make your favorite geek happy, this is the one gadget that is guaranteed to have the desired result.Another possibility worth considering is the Kindle. This is an e-book reader designed by Amazon. The Kindle has already won legions of fans on both sides of the Atlantic. It is the perfect gift for book worms and lovers of digital gadgets.When shopping for any gifts, budget is important. If you are willing to splash out nearly a thousand bucks, why not consider purchasing a brand new 3D TV. Though the technology used is still in its infancy, the experience of watching the images jump out of the screen is one that is extremely enjoyable.Digital entertainment has come a long way in the last few years. If you are searching for a present for a movie fan, a Blu-ray or HD DVD disc player may be worth considering. Viewing the latest blockbusters in High Definition glory is far more enjoyable than if using a regular format.Most geeks love video games and are very appreciative whenever they get gadget gifts that will challenge them. Games consoles are continuing to evolve into all round multimedia devices. If the person you are searching for a gift for does not have one of the latest consoles, this could be a suitable option to purchase. The Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinetic, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 3 have legions of fans around the world, and for good reason. With the cost of the machines coming down each year, it is an affordable option that would be loved by any geek no matter what their age.

Bose Sound Dock 10 and Denon S-52 – Two Cool Music Electronic Gadgets |

Bose has big reputation when it comes to producing good quality audio devices and their marketing strategies too are quite clever. Bose Sound Dock 10 is a good example of this. This is one of those electronic gadgets without any on board controls and the manufacturer has embedded minimal styling here with a cool remote. This system has that ‘wow’ factor which you look for in lifestyle accessories.Bose Sound Dock 10 is very impressive in weight and size. It does a good job of being heard seen. Bluetooth dock is also available separately for £129 and through this; you can stream the music wirelessly along with memory for storing six devices. Bose Sound Dock 10 is big enough to fill up an entire room but the overall sound disappointed me a bit. Initially, it was very impressive but it doesn’t have that ‘special’ thing to justify the price tag and hype that surrounds these high end electronic gadgets. The system wasn’t really responsive while navigating the iPod play lists through the bundled remote. This might frustrate people who lack patience.If you are looking for some kind of iPod dock, take a look at Denon S-52 which comes with plenty of features. The audio options on these electronic gadgets are really comprehensive, you get CD player, AM/FM radio, HD radio, XM satellite radio (for this, you will have to purchase add-on XM mini-tuner along with a valid subscription), USB port (for WMA audio and MP3 files playback), iPod dock, Wi-Fi and wired network connection for streaming the digital audio files on networked computers.Denon S-52 has a dock connection for iPods and this system supports all iPods. There are adapters to fit in various sizes. One intriguing feature here is that these electronic gadgets let you control and navigate through the music with remote control on the display on the unit. You will have to close to the unit for this because the display is kind of small. But if you are having a lot of artists on the Apple iPod, you will have to spend a lot of time in front of the player because there is no way to skip through the lists.I was also disappointed to see that the Denon S-52 doesn’t have a video out on the back. You won’t be able to play any videos. This device automatically charges your music player when you plug it inside the dock. In terms of audio quality, the Denon S-52 is really good. All major file formats like FLAC, AAC, WAV, WMA, and MP3 are supported. MP3 and WMA based internet stations too work; they are managed through the manufacturer’s Website.Apart from standard FM/AM, the Denon S-52 has support for tuning in the digital HD stations but then, the reception depends on the signal in your area so you need to check. There is also an alarm on these electronic gadgets for waking yourself up in the morning. You can adjust the volume of this alarm. Finally, this system has detachable antennas for FM, Wi-Fi and AM.

Be Like James Bond – 007 Spy Gadgets |

So you want to be able to attract women, use high tech spy gadgets, and ooze cool like James Bond? You may not be able to achieve all of this, but at least the spy gadgets part is possible.Everyday there are new and cool covert cameras and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) coming out that can provide for great hidden surveillance opportunities. Lets take a look at a few of the cooler products and what they can offer.Covert Sunglasses CameraThe sunglasses camera is one of the coolest covert cameras out there. Models such as the COP-USA SG35 offer a great covert camera option with a 3.7mm lens and a resolution of 420TVL.The camera alone is not what makes the sunglasses camera so cool though. Some of the various sunglasses cameras that are made also offer a built in memory chip for video storage as well as a built in MP3 player for versatility in use. Furthermore lets not forget the fact that they’re a pair of sunglasses with a camera inside!!! Not only are you protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays; you are also recording killer video without anyone being the wiser. How cool is that?Covert Pen CameraThis is an old favorite and one that is more recognizable throughout the various spy movies in existence. The covert pen camera is exactly as it sounds; a pen with a security camera inside of it. With Pen cameras such as the KT&C 150PA you have not only a writing utensil, but a covert camera that can be kept in a pocket, placed on a table, or used in a number of other locations for great hidden surveillance.It should be noted however that some of the pen covert cameras available still have a wire coming out of them for the video to be captured. This will make it a bit more tricky to use covertly, but it is not a complete spy gadget killer in any way.Alarm Clock DVR / Car Remote DVRThese two products are quite special spy gadgets, because not only are they covertly disguised DVRs, they also include high quality covert cameras built into them.The alarm clock DVR like the CL-DVR is quite cool because it is not only a DVR and camera disguised in an alarm clock, but it is also a functioning alarm clock that can be used to make sure you get to work on time.The car remote DVR is a digital video recorder with a camera built into it as well and models like the KC-DVR even have a photo taking feature for still shots. This product however is not a functioning car remote and is only made to look like one.Spy gadgets like these generally also have built in memory and sometimes even allow for SD cards to be used to expand their storage capabilities.Now we could go on and on about the huge variety of different spy gadgets that are on the market today. From cigarette pack cameras to zippo lighter DVRs; there is a wide selection of covert options available, and the imagination is the only limit of what a security camera can be disguised as.